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One of the oldest and most influencial conservative think tanks, the Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973 by Paul Weyrich to "formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense" (from Heritage "About Us" website). Initial financial backing came from the Coors family, among others.

The Heritage Foundation covers a wide variety of policy issues - the environment and global warming amongst them. Heritage was a fervent opponent of the Kyoto protocol. It runs a searchable online database of "policy experts" ( which includes renowned climate change skeptics Patrick Michaels, Sallie Baliunas, Thomas Gale Moore, Robert Balling, and Fred Singer. The Heritage Foundation historically has had considerable influence over Republican politicians. It is estimated that two-thirds of the policy recommendations it made in 1981 were adopted by the Reagan Administration (Greenpeace Guide, 1993). Heritage is a former member of the Cooler Heads Coalition and started the State Policy Network as a way to promote conservative policies at the state level. It also runs the right-wing news website

Key Quotes

[C]alls to drastically reduce emissions in sulfur dioxide (SOx), nitrogen oxide (NOx), mercury, and carbon dioxide would jeopardize U.S. energy and national security. ...The Bush administration and Congress need to steadfastly resist alarmist calls to drastically reduce carbon dioxide, a clear, odorless gas and a fundamental nutrient of the planetary food chain. Curbing carbon dioxide would cause a major change in the electricity-generation fuel mix and would adversely affect the nation's energy supply and economic strength.
Source: Heritage "Energy and Environment" website

Congress should reject calls to drastically reduce air emissions. Such demands are nothing more than veiled schemes to implement a domestic version of the fatally flawed Kyoto Treaty, which would suppress needed energy production under the guise of "clean air."
Source: Heritage "Energy and Environment" website


Presented a blueprint for policy in the 1990s, published in its journal "Policy Review," which encouraged conservatives to work together to "[s]trangle the environmental movement."
Source: Greenpeace Guide


Heritage Foundation has received $585,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.

$unknown Exxon Corporation
Source: Heritage Foundation literature, April 17, 1992

$90,000 ExxonMobil Corporate Giving
Source: ExxonMobil 1998 grants list

$105,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
45 K general support, 50 K event support
Source: ExxonMobil Foundation 2000 IRS 990

$65,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
25K for 'climate change', 40K general funding
Source: ExxonMobil 2001 Annual Report

$75,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source: ExxonMobil 2002 Annual Report

$95,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source: ExxonMobil 2003 Corporate Giving Report

$30,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source: ExxonMobil 2005 DIMENSIONS Report (Corporate Giving)

$30,000 ExxonMobil Corporate Giving
Source: ExxonMobil Corporate Giving Report 2006

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