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Welcome to the Exxonsecrets Wiki

Welcome to the ExxonSecrets wiki. We have developed this wiki because, whilst the ExxonSecrets factsheets contain some key information on those people who campaign against the science of climate change, the front groups who employ them and the scientists they use, there is plenty more information out there and more everyday. In the interests of providing as much information as possible, we have opened this up to a wiki, so that others can contribute to the knowledge base and reveal the truth about the Denial Machine. We also know that the groups detailed on ExxonSecrets are also involved in other issues than global warming, including de-regulation of all kinds and attacking things like open-source software for example. Links to these issues should also be posted where it is found.

To find out more about why this campaign exists, check out the FAQ which should answer your questions.

Best of the wiki

Here we will feature the best discoveries of the wiki. The major findings and new deeds or quotes by the think tanks and deniers posted by our wiki community will be transferred onto the html factsheets as part of the flash map tool which allows people to develop networked maps of the tangled web of Exxon-funded and backed think tanks.

Why and How of the wiki

To participate in the wiki and become one of our citizen journalists, join the community.

We are not interested in hearsay; we are interested in facts. If you find a quote or a key deed carried out by the denial industry, it needs to be sourced, back to the primary source if possible.

We will not stand for abusive language, neither on the wiki entries nor in the discussion.

This is not a wiki to debate the science of climate change. Those debates are being held throughout the blogosphere, such as on This wiki accepts the scientific findings of the IPCC and the consensus of the world's top climate scientists that climate change is happening and that we are causing it through the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, coal and gas.

Exxonsecrets is about exposing DISinformation the web of lies about the science of climate change by a few on behalf of large corporations who don't want to take action on global warming.

Cat got your tongue? The Exxonsecrets blog

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Help us out

The Exxonsecrets website has been managed for years by a small professional staff in Greenpeace. With this wiki, we decided to open up the project and encourage the contribution of the public, in order to gather as much data as possible about Exxon-funded climate skeptics. You can always contact the Exxonsecrets team if you need assistance. Check the community page for more information.

Getting started

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