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FACTSHEET: Center for Environmental Education Research, CEER


6842 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Suite D Tucson, Arizona 85715
Phone: 520-722-3300
Fax: 520-722-3335

CEER was a project of the Competitive Enterprise Institute dedicated to bringing "sound science" into environmental education.

Before becoming a project of CEI, CEER was known as the Environmental Education Research Institute, and was affiliated with the Center for the New West. (CEI press release, March 24, 1999) As of 5/04 CEER is no longer listed on the CEI website under "projects". Michael Sanera reportedly left CEER in 2001 to teach at a charter school and edit books with Jane Shaw of the Political Economy Research Center. (Marianne Manilov, "The Right in the Classroom," The Nation, December 20, 2001) The current status of CEER, which appeared to be solely the project of Sanera, is unknown. CEER was dedicated to improving "the quality of teaching about the environment in America K-12th grade schools by ensuring that students: receive unbiased environmental information which is based on sound science and economics; and develop the critical thinking skills needed to make informed decisions about complex environmental issues."


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