Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: Free Enterprise Education Institute,

Potomac, MD
Phone: 301-926-3197
The Free Enterprise Education Institute runs the website CSR/SRI Watch. The site is anti-corporate social responsibility/socially responsible investment and monitors the so-called "anti-business" movement composed of social and environmental activists holding corporations accountable for their actions.

CSR/SRI Watch lists the "Top 10 Worst Moments in Free Enterprise" which includes companies who buy fair-trade coffee, BP's renewable energy plans, and Citigroup's decision to not lend to those contributing to global warming and logging as per the Rainforest Action Network's asks. CSR/SRI Watch deplores businesses listening to activists of any sort and lambasts corporations who make decisions based around social responsibility rather than the bottom line. CSRWatch also includes "required reading" from the likes of the Institute for Economic Affairs - a conservative free-market think tank based in London.


"American Electric Power, Alcoa, Boeing, DuPont, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Toyota and 32 other companies that belong to the Pew Center on Global Climate Change were heralded by New York Times editors as “progressive” for subscribing to the unproven notion that humans are altering global climate for the worse, and to the even more dubious idea that environmental activists like those at the Pew Center should decide U.S. energy policy in hopes of affecting global climate. Though voters (through both President Bush and the U.S. Senate) have already recognized the junk science behind global warming hysteria and the economic downside of the international global warming treaty known as the Kyoto Protocol, these 40 corporate managements, nevertheless, see some sort of public relations-upside in supporting the Pew Center’s economy-killing agenda. These managements are also helping CSR activists circumvent our public democratic process -- which has rejected the Kyoto Protocol -- in order to compel U.S. companies to adopt “private Kyoto” protocols."
Source: Free Enterprise Education Institute


Free Enterprise Education Institute has received $80,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.

$10,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
Source: Mobil Foundation 2000 990

$70,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
DISCREPANCY: 2005 Corporate Giving Report: no description. IRS 990 Form 2005: Corporate Social Responsibility and Climate Change ($45,000).
Source: ExxonMobil 2005 Worldwide Giving Report


Steven Milloy
Source: Free Enterprise Education Institute


Mobil Foundation 2000 990
Mobil Foundation 2000 990

Free Enterprise Education Institute

ExxonMobil 2005 Worldwide Giving Report
Public Information and Policy Research