Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: Science and Public Policy Institute, SPPI

Science and Public Policy Institute 5501Merchants View Square #209 Haymarket, VA 20169
Phone: (202) 288-5699
Only through science and factual information, separating reality from rhetoric, can legislators develop beneficial policies without unintended consequences that might threaten the life, liberty, and prosperity of the citizenry.

Though some say anthropogenic "global warming" is the most serious issue facing humankind, security of energy supply is a far more serious problem. The Institute urges critical appraisal of legislative “climate fixes” for their social, political, and economic and security costs, along with their relative utility or futility. Proposals demanding prodigious economic or political sacrifices for the sake of negligible climatic benefits should be rejected in favor of policies to address graver, more immediate concerns about which something constructive can actually be done.


Christopher Monckton
Science Advisor

Willie Soon
Science Advisor - until 2007
Source: SPPI on Web Archive - way back when machine

Bob Carter
Science Advisor
Source: SPPI personnel pages

William Kininmonth
Science Advisor
Source: SPPI personnel pages

Craig Idso
Science Advisor
Source: SPPI personnel pages

Joe D'Aleo
Meteorology Advisor
Source: SPPI personnel pages

David R. Legates
Science Adviser
Source: SPPI personnel pages

Joanne  Nova
author, "climate and money" SPPI publication, July 2009.
Source: SPPI website publications

David  Evans
author, SPPI publication
Source: sppi publication - evans


Robert (Bob) Ferguson



SPPI on Web Archive - way back when machine

SPPI personnel pages

SPPI website publications

sppi publication - evans