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FACTSHEET: Australian Climate Science Coalition , ACSC

Max Rheese Executive Director Australian Climate Science Coalition PO Box 274 Deakin West ACT 2600 Australia
Phone: 03 5762 6883
"The Australian Climate Science Coalition, which works closely with the International Climate Science Coalition, was formed by a group of professional people interested in encouraging continued scientific research into the world’s climate and in particular into the effects of increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We do not believe that past and current climates are sufficiently well understood to enable projections of future climate changes to be accurately predicted. Our purpose is to exchange scientific ideas and to encourage proper political and social debate on this intriguing subject."

The Australian Climate Science Coalition was set up by Australian Environment Foundation, Max Rheese, who is also executive director of the ACSC. The ACSC is related to two international counterparts – the New Zealand Climate Science Coalition, and the International Climate Science Coalition. All three appear to be just websites rather than being staffed. In August 2009, the AUCSC organised a “whistlestop tour on climate and the ETS ” of Australia to counter the proposed Emissions Trading Scheme. The entourage was made up of Rheese, US think tank The Heartland Institute’s Jay Lehr and Australian denier Bob Carter (see below). Lehr managed to get an editorial into Brisbane’s “Courier Mail ” while Bob Carter swung by Canberra to lobby MP’s.


David  Evans
Member, scientific advisory panel
Source: ACSC "about us"

Bob Carter
science advisor
Source: ACSC "about us"

William Kininmonth
science advisor
Source: ACSC "about us"

Ian Plimer
science advisor
Source: ACSC "about us"


ACSC "about us"
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