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FACTSHEET: Philanthropy Roundtable,

1150 17th Street, NW Suite 503 Washington, D.C. 20036
Phone: (202) 822-8333
Fax: (202) 822-8325

The Philanthropy Roundtable was established by the Bradley Foundation to help facilitate conservative grantmaking. The foundation has connections to many well-known right-wing organizations


Adam Meyerson
Source: Philanthropy Roundtable - staff

Whitney  Ball
former executive director
Source: Philanthropy Roundtable - staff

Kimberly Dennis
former executive director, current board of directors
Source: Philanthropy Roundtable - staff

James Piereson
vice chairman
Source: Philanthropy Roundtabe - James Piereson

Karl Zinsmeister
vice president for publications
Source: Philamnthropy Roundtable - Karl Zinsmeister

Jo Kwong
Director of Economic Opportunity Programs
Source: Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong

Michael Grebe
Chairman of the board
Source: Philanthropy Roundtable - Michael Grebe


Charles Koch
Charles Koch has maintained a longstanding financial relationship with Philanthropy Roundtable
Source: Sourcewatch - Philanthropy Roundtable

Michael  Horn
member manager
Source: Philanthropy Roundtable - Michael Horn


Sourcewatch - Philanthropy Roundtable

Philanthropy Roundtable - staff

Philanthropy Roundtabe - James Piereson

Philamnthropy Roundtable - Karl Zinsmeister

Philanthropy Roundtable - Michael Horn

Philanthropy roundtable - Jo Kwong

Philanthropy Roundtable - Michael Grebe