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FACTSHEET: Blue Ribbon Coalition,

PO Box 5449 or 1540 N Arthur Pocatello, ID 83204
Phone: 208-233-6570
Fax: 208-233-8906

The Blue Ribbon Coalition was founded in 1987 by Clark Collins to promote off-road vehicle use on public lands. The organization now claims to represent several hundred member organizations nationwide and more than half a million individual recreationists.

BRC's motto is "Preserving our natural resources FOR the public instead of FROM the public." Blue Ribbon Coalition is active in the "wise use" movement, and regularly attends networking meetings. BRC is a member of the Alliance for America network, and its newspaper usually carries stories from other wise use group including the Mountain States Legal Foundation, Sahara Club, Eco, American Trails, and the American Policy Center's DeWeese Report. Article titles have included, "Hug a Logger, Not a Tree," and "Kyoto Protocol Could Cause American Economic Havoc." In recent years, BRC has made efforts to reach out to mountain bikers, equestrians, and even hikers, by promoting the idea that none of these things will ultimately be allowed in protected areas. BRC promotes negative images of environmentalists as uncaring, anti-rural, anti-progress and anti-human. (CLEAR fact sheet, In addition to membership fees, funding has historically come from timber, mining, petroleum, and motorized recreation industries. Funders have included the Alaska Forestry Association, American Forest and Paper Association, American Petroleum Institute, Boise Cascade, Battle Mountain Gold, Chevron, Colorado Mining Association, Crown Butte Mines, Exxon, Honda (US), Idaho Mining Association, Louisiana Pacific, Marathon Oil, Polaris, Potlach Corp, Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas, Ski-Doo, Suzuki, and Yamaha. (Blue Ribbon Magazine)