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FACTSHEET: American Coal Foundation, ACF

101 Constitution Avenue, NW Suite 525 East Washington, DC 20001-2133
Phone: 202-463-9785
Fax: 202-463-9786

Founded in 1981,The American Coal Foundation's purpose is "to develop, produce, and disseminate coal-related educational materials and programs designed for teachers and students."

ACF's members include coal producers, mining equipment manufacturers, electrical utilities, railroads, and organized labor. ( ACF designs lesson plans in science and social studies for grade school through high school. ACF was formerly in the same office building on NW 17th Street in Washington, DC as the National Mining Association. ACF is now located at 101 Constitution Avenue NW, on the same floor as the National Mining Association's new offices.


American Coal Foundation has received $2,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.

$2,000 ExxonMobil Foundation
educational program
Source: ExxonMobil Foundation 2000 IRS 990


ExxonMobil Foundation 2000 IRS 990
ExxonMobil Foundation 2000 IRS 990