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FACTSHEET: ECO or Environmental Conservation Organization,

1200 North White Sands Boulevard #110 Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
Phone: 505-434-3195
ECO is closely associated with the WIse Use movement and more recently with the anti-UN crowd, including the John Birch Society and other far right conspiracy groups.

The Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) is an outgrowth of the Land Improvement Contractors Association, developed in 1988 as a "strategy to protect private property rights from erosion by excessive environmental regulations." ECO was properly chartered in 1990 as a 501(c)(4) organization. Through the 1990s, ECO organized a "wise use" network of more than 500 groups. ECO produces the ECO-Logic newsletter, which highlights UN sponsored environmental programs and other property rights issues, including global warming and federal environmental programs/regulations. When the EPA submitted its 2002 Climate Action Report to the United Nations, many saw it as an indication that the Bush Administration was beginning to accept reality on global warming. Henry Lamb of ECO however, maintained that the Bush administration's policy on climate change "has not flip-flopped" and blamed the media,"fanned by a few environmental extremists," for the allegedly misleading slant on the story. Lamb ended by calling release of the report "a screw up" and suggested Bush should get a better grip on his underlings. (World Net Daily, June 8, 2002)


Hugh Ellsaesser
Source: ECO website


S. Fred Singer
Board of Advisors
Source: CLEAR d-base

Henry Lamb
Executive Vice President
Source: ECO website

Nancie Marzulla
Source: ECO website


CLEAR d-base
CLEAR d-base

ECO website