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FACTSHEET: National Policy Forum, NPF


The National Policy Forum is defunct. Started by Republican National Committee Chairman Haley Barbour in 1993, the organizatoin is most infamous for its involvement in an RNC foreign fundraising scandal.

According to Washington, "Barbour solicited hundreds of thousands of dollars from Hong Kong businessman Ambrous Tung Young to subsidize the National Policy Forum, a GOP think tank founded by Barbour and subsidized by the RNC. That money was used as collateral for a $2.1 million commercial bank loan to the NPF. The same day it received the loan, the NPF gave $1.6 million of it to the RNC, which then provided a comparable amount to state Republican parties and other GOP organizations in 15 states during the crucial closing weeks of the 1994 election. " ( A congressional investigation found that, "RNC Chairman Haley Barbour and the RNC intentionally solicited foreign money for the NPF," and that"The NPF was an arm of the RNC and, as the Internal Revenue Service concluded, was not entitled to tax-exempt status as a social welfare organization under section 501(c)(4) of the U.S. tax code." The investigation concluded that, "Barbour and other RNC officials knew that the money used to collateralize the NPF loan came from Hong Kong. Barbour's testimony that he did not know about the foreign source of the loan collateral was not credible. As a result of NPF's default on the loan, the RNC improperly retained $800,000 in foreign money during the 1996 election cycle." (


S. Fred Singer
Member, Environmental Committee
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CLEAR d-base