Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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FACTSHEET: Statistical Assessment Service (STATS), STATS

2100 L St NW Suite 300 Washington DC 20037
Phone: (202) 223 3193
Fax: (202) 872 4014

Founded in 1994, "STATS monitors the media to expose the abuse of science and statistics before people are misled and public policy is distorted."

STATS' present focus is on" education and child rearing, drug use and abuse, public health and disease, polls and surveys, gender issues, crime and defense." ( STATS is affliliated with The Center for Media and Public Affairs.


1 November, 2001
"Like the study from the National Academy's Proceedings, this one was published in an authoritative journal. But with just two exceptions, the research was ignored by all major media. (A 700-word piece by Peter Spotts appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, and a 400-word discussion aired on National Public Radio - kudos to both.) The danger in ignoring such studies is that 'conventional wisdom' about global warming may develop among journalists which is flawed or myopic. The policy stakes are high. Given the uncertainties in the science, the media can serve the public interest only by reporting fully on developments in this field."
Source: STATS website 5/04


Sallie Baliunas
Advisory Board Member
Source: STATS website 5/04


Nicholas Eberstadt
Advisory Board Member
Source: STATS website 5/04

James Q. Wilson
Advisory Board Member
Source: STATS website 5/04


STATS website 5/04