Documenting Exxon-Mobil's funding of climate change skeptics.

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Since 1996, has listed links to current articles on many environmental and public health issues, with running commentary courtesy of the "junkman," Steven Milloy.

SEE ALSO: The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition Steve Milloy defines Junk science as "bad science used by lawsuit-happy trial lawyers, the 'food police,' environmental Chicken Littles, power-drunk regulators, and unethical-to-dishonest scientists to fuel specious lawsuits, wacky social and political agendas, and the quest for personal fame and fortune." ( became a project of The Advancement of Sound Science Coalition when Milloy became TASSC's executive director in March 1997. Though TASSC no longer exists as public entity (See "The Advancement of Sound ScienceCoalition for more information on the questionable status of TASSC), Milloy continues to produce However, he refuses to disclose his current funding sources. For a short time, the site was sponsored by "Citizens for Integrity in Science," a group that seemed to exist entirely on paper, and whose website was registered to Milloy's home address in Potomac. Milloy denies ever having been a lobbyist. However, he shows up in 1997 federal lobbyist registration data with lobbying expenditures on his behalf, indicating his firm, the EOP Group, considered him an active lobbyist. The same federal records indicate Milloy represented the American Petroleum Institute, FMC Corp, Fort Howard, International Food Additives Council, and Monsanto. (Center for Responsive Politics, Lobbyist Database) According to the Washington Representatives, Milloy was still registered as a lobbyist with the EOP Group in 1999, with the American Petroleum Institute and FMC Corp listed as clients. (


20 April, 2006
"The relationship between CO2 and temperature is logarithmic in nature – that is, as CO2 increases in the atmosphere, it absorbs less and less additional energy to produce correspondingly less and less additional warming. ­At some point, adding more CO2 to the atmosphere doesn’t significantly change atmospheric temperature."
Source: "The Greenhouse Myth" by Steven Milloy


Steven Milloy also runs, a site which attacks the activists and even the companies involved in pushing corporate social responsibility.
Source: CSRWatch

Steven Milloy is also an adviser to the Free Enterprise Action Fund, which promotes "the American system of free enterprise" and attacks those who push for corporate social responsibility and shareholder "activists" who vote their proxies to push for corporate change on social and environmental issues (
Source: CSRWatch


Steven Milloy


Steven Milloy's website attacking the Corporate Social Responsibility movement.

"The Greenhouse Myth" by Steven Milloy,2933,192544,00.html