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FACTSHEET: Bryan Leyland


From Bryan's website: "I am a frequent commentator and well known public speaker on electricity de-regulation and electricity markets who believes that many electricity market models are fundamentally flawed. I have written papers on markets and recent market failures that have been widely debated in New Zealand and overseas. I have a good understanding of nuclear power generation. I also lecture on "climate change" and why I believe that "The science is NOT settled"."

Active and founding member, New Zealand Climate Science Coalition.

consultant mostly to the energy industry on transmission and energy distribution.

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer with experience in power generation, power systems and transmission and a recognized expert on all aspects of the design, construction and operation of small hydro schemes with wide experience on large schemes. Reported on generation, transmission and distribution systems in New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands, PNG, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Zambia and Iran.


3 December, 2007
Leader CFACT delegation to the UNFCCC climate conference in Bali, December 2007. The Heartland Institute funded at least part of Leyland's travel to the conference.
Source: CFACT

14 April, 2008
Toured sceptic Bob Carter around New Zealand in April 2008, organising speaking events and media interviews questioning the science of climate change.
Source: NZ Climate Science Coalition website


New Zealand Climate Science Coalition
Source: new source

Heartland Institute
Source: The LIstener, New Zealand

CFACT - Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow
Source: CFACT bali report

International Climate Science Coalition
Source: ICSC list of who's who


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CFACT report on its delegation's activities at the climate conference in Bali.

The LIstener, New Zealand
Report on Heartland Institute funding New Zealand and Australian sceptics to go to the UNFCCC conference in Bali, December 2007.

CFACT bali report
Report on CFACT delegation's activities at the UNFCCC conference in Bali, December 2007.

NZ Climate Science Coalition website
List of founders, co-founders and advisors.

ICSC list of who's who