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FACTSHEET: Kenneth Green


Resident Scholar, AEI
Executive Director, Environmental Literacy Council, 2005-2006 Chief Scientist, Director of Centre for Studies in Risk, Regulation, and Environment, Fraser Institute, 2002-2005 Chief Scientist & Director of Environmental Program, Reason Public Policy Institute, Reason Foundation, 1994-2002

Kenneth Green studies public policy in air pollution and climate change; energy and environment; transport and environment; and environmental chemicals. His work includes analysis of Canadian environmental policy. He has authored numerous policy studies; newspaper and magazine articles; several encylopedia and book chapters; and a textbook for middle-school students titled Global Warming: Understanding the Debate, published by Enslow Publishers. Green has worked on both U.S. and Canadian policy, first at California's Reason Foundation, then for nearly three years at Canada's Fraser Institute.

Environmental Program Analyst/writer, Hughes Aircraft Company Corporate Office, 1990-1994 Member, California Departmental Transportation Advisory Committee, 1996-2001 Expert Reviewer, United Nations IPCC, Climate Change 1995, Working Group 1 Member, California REACH Commission, 1996-1999

"Dr. Green received his doctorate in Environmental Science and Engineering (D.Env.) at UCLA in 1994, his master's degree in molecular genetics from San Diego State University in 1988, and his bachelor's degree in Biology from UCLA in 1983." (Reason website 4/04)


5 July, 2006
Co-author of a July 2006 letter sent by AEI to an unknown number of scientists, looking for someone - at a rate of $10,000 for 10,000 words - whose review "thoughtfully explores the limitations of climate model outputs as they pertain to the development of climate policy."
Source: (2006)


29 October, 2000
Writing in his role as Director of Environmental Programs for the Reason Public Policy Institute, Kenneth Green summarized the key skeptic attacks on the IPCC in an October 2000 briefing report. Particularly focused on ridiculing the Summary for Policy Makers, which he describes as a "derivative document" which condenses and expresses IPCC findings "in a language suitable for moderately educated readers." According to Green, the SPM consists of "speculative scenarios" not reflective of the full reports, and "has not been peer-reviewed. Its author is anonymous, the document is created independent of the actual report, and the summary is so short that issues were overly simplified."
Source: Reason Public Policy Institute website (2000)

Participated in the "Climate Chains" video along with deniers Chris Horner, Marlo Lewis, Patrick Micheals, and Todd Wynn. The video claims that “One of the greatest threats to freedom and prosperity in America is climate change legislation.”
Source: Climate Chains bios


Reason Public Policy Institute
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National Center for Policy Analysis
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National Environmental Policy Institute
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American Council on Science and Health
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Fraser Institute
Source: Fraser Institute website 4/04

Reason Foundation
Source: Reason website 4/04

Tech Central Science Foundation or Tech Central Station
Source: Tech Central Station Bio - Green

American Enterprise Institute
Source: AEI website (2007)

Heartland Institute
Source: Heartland Institute -

Cascade Policy Institute
Source: Climate Chains homepage


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DeSmog Blog, AEI Seeks Scientists for Sale: $10,000 to First Taker, Nov 9, 2006.

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